25 Essential Free Palm Pre Apps for Fitness and Exercise

by Linda on September 09, 2009

Are you a fitness and exercise fanatic? If you own a Palm Pre, you can download one or two apps that focus on your fitness and well being, but most Palm Pre apps are not free and the list for Palm Pre apps in general is slim. Additionally, many of the best fitness and exercise apps were developed for Palm OS. What do you do if you already have some the apps listed below or if you want to apply those apps for Palm Pre?

The simple solution is to purchase MotionApps Classic, which lets Palm’s new handset run many of the 30,000 programs written for the old PalmOS platform. You also can learn about other ways to migrate your apps and files and you can find a fairly recent list for files that are compatible between Palm OS and Palm Pre.

The list below is categorized, and each link leads to a download page for that app. The links are listed alphabetically within each category to show our readers that we do not prefer one app over another.

  1. 1-Rep max v1.0: Calculate your 1 Rep Max and use a safe weight size for your workout.
  2. Athletix v1.0.2: Keep track of weight, gym workouts and other physical exercise with this Palm OS tool. You also can view graphs and reports that plot your progress.
  3. BFL Complete 1.01: This is a complete Body for Life program that includes exercist and nutrition plans.
  4. BikeGears 1.0.1: Perform calculations on wheel metric development and bicycle speed providing front gears, rear gears, wheel circumference and cadence RPM. International System and British units supported.
  5. Blood Pressure Watch v1.1: Keep a close watch on your blood pressure with a fully-featured database that tracks your blood pressure, weight, pulse, medications and more.
  6. Body Control 1.0: Take control of your body with a database of personal body parameters including temperatures, muscle mass, fat percentiles, body mass index, ideal weight and more.
  7. Body For Life Exercise Program 1.5: This Palm OS app contains the complete twelve-week Body for Life program including a custom workout for each day. You can record information about your overall workout session, including sets, reps, intensity, time, etc.
  8. Calories v1.0: You can control the calories consumed and expended as you calculate both calorie intake and exercise in this Palm OS app and total the difference between the two. You also can organize food by types of meals, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  9. CardioMath – Cardiology Calculator 1.0.1: Use this cardiology calculator with over 50 commonly used formulas in cardiovascular and general medicine. This app is designed to help perform
  10. EasyPulse 1.31: Determine heart rate by counting heartbeats using the start and stop functions and let EasyPulse determine the approximate heart rate.
  11. EiWeight v1.6.1: Record weight and view a graph that reports body fat index.
  12. Exercise 2.0: Enjoy this app, which displays a rep counter with audible indicators for your favorite exercise routines. Create seven exercise routines with up to 32 exercises, and the app will count out your routine for you.
  13. Fitness Check 1.0: What is your ideal weight? Thin isn’t always fit – so learn how to calculate your ideal weight, calories needed per day and useful information about fitness with this app.
  14. Fitness Log 1.0: This is an aerobic and anaerobic tracking app for Palm OS. Record your start and end times for a fitness session as well as view log information about past session and exercises.
  15. FitnessPlus (Diet and Exercise Manager) for Windows v4.2: FitnessPlus is a comprehensive and powerful fitness tracking software for Palm OS, Windows and Windows Mobile devices. Track overall fitness and daily nutrition intake and monitor daily nutrition intake including calories, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, fat, saturated fat, sugar, cholesterol, and sodium.
  16. FitSync: This Palm Pre app is the next best thing to a gym buddy. You have access to training programs, a workout log and a way to record body stats.
  17. Handheld Fitness Suite v2.0: This app includes a collection of free fitness databases for tracking your weightlifting and aerobic workouts and for tracking changes in your body.
  18. Iron Countdown: If you plan to enter a race, enter the date of the race and this app will count down the weeks, days and minutes to race time.
  19. MobiSystems Diets: If you need to lose weight, get in shape or simply watch what you eat, this app allows you to set up a weight loss program and begin your new journey.
  20. RipTime! 3.0: Record information about your workouts after you prepare exercise routines in advance or select exercises as you work out. You have access to 274 cardio and strength exercises as a base, which you can save and easily retrieve.
  21. Run Log v1.0: This PalmOS app makes tracking information about your running exercises easy. It is designed for keeping information from your pedometer, and records are saved in the file.
  22. SIF daily fitness 1.0: Thanks to professionals, you can enjoy an app that includes the ability to organize your trainings, target cardiac frequency and more.
  23. Simple Calorie Tracker v1.0: This freeware app can help you keep track of you calorie intake as well as your exercise routines.
  24. TriHard: Track daily training and schedule workouts. You can send your schedule to the Palm Datebook or view it in the app. You also have access to a graph mode that reports your training progress.
  25. Workout Tracker for Palm OS: This app makes it easy to manage information about your personal fitness program with an extensive menu of exercises that can be customize to fit your needs. Visual graphics allow for quick exercise assessment.

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