5 Reasons Every Healthcare Worker Should Be Paid More

by admin on July 16, 2009

The range of service provided by healthcare workers is something that will always be needed in the community. People’s need for healthcare services arise everyday from illnesses, injuries and other accidents hence this is a profession that has been there since time immemorial and would be there for years to come. No matter the economic situations, healthcare jobs are always available.

Salaries for healthcare workers vary depending on the type of work being done and the level of the individual. Below are five reasons why every healthcare worker should be paid more.

Health risks
Healthcare workers are exposed to many hazards especially in their work places such as long working hours, infectious diseases, and high tempered patients among others. This puts their lives and general health in danger and because of the risks they expose themselves to in order to provide this vital service, they deserve to be paid more. Because of these risks, many healthcare workers have been known to suffer from stress and related illnesses leading some to be drug abusers.

Learning costs
Another reason why healthcare workers should be paid more is the fact that they spend a lot of money from the time they start learning to the time they become full professionals and are allowed to start providing services legally. This is in terms of the money they pay in learning institutions, what they spend during field work, buying the necessary learning materials and equipment and other expenses. These individuals usually spend a lot of money especially if they are sponsoring themselves in everything.

Learning time
It also takes a lot of time to become a certified healthcare worker. A doctor can take up to six or seven years to complete studies and when they are through they should be earning something that is worth the time and effort it has taken them to get to where they are.  Healthcare is not like other professions that can take two, three or four years.

Vital services
The fact that these people provide vital services to the community is another reason why they should be paid more. People cannot do without healthcare services and it is not a kind of service you get once and don’t need it anymore. People fall ill from time to time and accidents do happen hence healthcare is just one vital service that cannot be ignored.

For motivation purposes
Healthcare workers do a good job and as such should be paid well as a sign of motivation. Motivation is aimed at making them provide healthcare services in the best way possible. It also helps to make them more dedicated to their work and would not go out looking for other part time jobs to supplement income jeopardizing their quality of healthcare services they provide.

Due to increase in the number of people needing healthcare attention, many healthcare workers are either overworked or forced to work in areas different from their fields of study. The situation could be improved by encouraging more people to take healthcare courses.

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