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by Miranda on October 12, 2009

One of the most interesting fields in science and medicine is biotechnology. The technology that helps us find medical breakthroughs and learn more about our bodies is fascinating, and filled with advancements. Some of the most interesting work being done right now works to fuse biology with our idea of technological advancement. From interesting new drugs to scientific breakthroughs, here are some of the best biotech blogs out there:

General Biology Blogs

55305477JS001_GENENTECHGet a general idea of what is going on in biology. The science of the body is quite interesting, and many breakthroughs are being made. Get a front row seat to the many advancements related to human and non-human biology.

  1. a simple prop: A great view of the biology world, written by a biology teacher at Arizona State University.
  2. Twisted Bacteria: An interesting look at microbiology. Includes scientific information, videos and interesting images.
  3. Gene Expression: This biologically based blog is focused on the science of genetics and the breakthroughs in that particular area of interest.
  4. The Wild Side: This is the New York Times‘ evolutionary biology blog. An interesting look at nature, biology and the advancement of technology.
  5. Life Science: This is the blog about biology and life sciences from ScienceBlogs. An interest blog that offers insight into human and animal biology, and breakthroughs in our understanding of fundamental principles.
  6. Biology in Science Fiction: Now this is cool. A look at how biology is used in science fiction. Offers scientific background for some scientific advancements of the fictional future, and debunks others.
  7. Discovering Biology in a Digital World: A look at science and biology in a digital era. An interesting look at how technology makes biology even more interesting and accessible.
  8. Extreme Biology Blog: Learn about the most extreme cases of biology, and what we can learn to advance our own knowledge and improve our technology.
  9. Institute of Biology blog: This is the blog associated with the Institute of Biology, an organization that works to promote biological sciences. Include interesting information on biotech.
  10. Biology News Net: Biology breakthroughs and the latest news in biotech and other biology related science.
  11. Get the latest information on biological breakthroughs, as well as insight on how nature can be used to help us develop more interesting technologies.

Biology: Science and Technology

Science and technology blogs offer insights into the latest scientific breakthroughs and information about technological advancement. Many of these blogs are in some way related to biotech and the advancement of our knowledge.

  1. Sandwalk: A biochemistry blog that looks into the fusion of biology and chemistry. Provides commentary on the latest science news and happenings, sprinkled with a little attitude.
  2. Science Blog: A great look at science and technology from a variety of fields and viewpoints. Includes information on biology and biotechnology, as well as medicine, physics and other scientific communities.
  3. Everyday Scientist: Pulls out some interesting — and every day — facts about science and personal observations.
  4. Observations: A cool blog from Scientific American addressing issues in scientific advancement. It’s meant to be easy to read, and helpful in terms of letting you see how technology is coming out of science.
  5. Wired Science: One of the pre-eminent technology sites, Wired, has a science blog. And it is cool. Includes information on biotech as well as other science and technology breakthroughs.
  6. The Sceptical Chymist: An interesting look at chemistry from nature. Includes interesting information on what we can learn from nature in our daily lives and for scientific advancement.
  7. Biocurious: An interesting biophysics blog that looks at biology at a very basic level, as well as how to use it to advance technology.
  8. Stan’s NMR Blog: Great blog with all sorts of information on nuclear magnetic resonance. It is worth noting, of course, that NMR has biological applications, and those are addressed on this blog as well.
  9. Philosophy to Chemistry to Elucidation: An interesting look at different aspects of chemistry, physics and even biology as part of the scientific advancement of technology and knowledge.
  10. JC Says: A look at NMR, and its various uses. This blog is only sporadically updated, but it contains interesting information when it is.

Biotech News and Breakthroughs

Learn about the latest scientific breakthroughs in the field of biology, and get the newest information on biotechnology.

  1. Biotechnology: This blog is devoted to biotech news and the latest happenings in the field. Also includes commentary.
  2. Terry Etherton Blog on Biotechnology: This blog is written by a professor at Penn State. The blog includes news and information on biotech, and how it applies in our lives.
  3. Biotech 360: A blog devoted to news and breakthroughs in the world of biotechnology.
  4. Bio Screening Industry News: A blog that looks at biotech and how it is advancing to help those with diseases and with other problems.
  5. BioSpace: Offers news, information and helpful links on all things related to biotech and scientific breakthroughs in the field.
  6. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News: Just what it sounds like: news from the world of genetics and biotechnology. Advancements and breakthroughs at the genetic level.
  7. Biotechnology News: This blog is from ScienceDaily, and addresses the latest happenings in the world of biotech.
  8. The Biotech Weblog: Latest news and information on biotech advancements.
  9. BioWorld Online: The latest news and information on technology, as well as biotech business news.
  10. China Biotechnology: Get information from the Business Exchange at BusinessWeek. This is news straight out of China, one of the emerging powerhouses in biotechnology.
  11. Biotech News, Blogs and Jobs: Pulls from information across the web, focusing on biotech news and information.

Pharma Blogs

One of the biggest applications of biotechnology is pharmaceuticals. Get the latest information on the pharma advancements that come out of biotech.

  1. In the Pipeline: A look at what pharma is coming up with next, using biotechnology to develop the latest drugs.
  2. Pharmablogger: Commentary, from an employee at a pharmaceutical representative, on the latest happenings in the world of big pharma.
  3. PharmaGossip: Get the latest happenings in drug development and news.
  4. Pharma Blog Review: A look at biotech and pharmaceutical developments.
  5. Pharma Strategy Blog: This is a blog aimed at pharma professionals, but it also includes interesting information on the latest drug developments and biotech breakthroughs.
  6. Pharma’s Cutting Edge: This blog is updated sporadically, but contains a treasure trove of information and insightful essays about the latest developments in biotech and pharma.
  7. Pharma Marketing Blog: The latest happenings in the pharma industry, and the technology behind the latest drug breakthroughs.
  8. Pharma Marketing Network: Includes news posts and information geared toward pharma professionals.
  9. Seeking Alpha’s Biotech Sector: See the latest in pharma stocks and information on the cutting edge of biotechnology.

Biotech Policy and Law Blogs

Biotechnology offers an interesting array of interesting policy questions and legal issues. Find out what’s happening in the world of pharmacy law and policy.

  1. Biotech Blog: This blog looks at legal, commercial and policy questions related biotechnology and pharma.
  2. Drug Wonks: Policy news and information about big pharma and the biotech industry.
  3. MaRS Blog: This is a Canadian blog about the policies and laws surrounding biotech and drug development.
  4. Eye on the FDA: A look at drug policy and how biotech developments are handled by the U.S. government.
  5. Health Care Renewal: A look at the health care industry, big pharma and how biotech advancements are actually used in our society.
  6. Black Triangle: Pharma an biotech policy and consumer information, from a British perspective.
  7. Life Sciences Lawyer: Issues in biotechnology and business.
  8. California Biotech Law Blog: An interesting look at news and information related to biotech law in California.
  9. Patent Baristas: Follow patent law and information on inventions and processes related to biotech and pharma.

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