25 Intriguing Web Start-Ups Disrupting the Healthcare Hegemony

by Linda on March 26, 2010

Medical start-ups are waiting to be found in sites across the Web such as Science Daily and the San Antonio Startup Blog. These sites can point you to companies that are in incubators or in medical facilities to companies that have Web sites and are in second rounds of funding. We’ve pulled together 25 of these start-ups across a wide range of medical fields to show that this next-generation medical technology is disrupting the healthcare hegemony with new technologies that may prove safer, faster and less expensive than current technologies.

All companies listed below are privately owned, and all are seeking investors. Some companies include financial information on the Web site, but you may need to do more research on other companies to learn more about their situations. This list is in alphabetical order and each link and logo leads to the company’s Web site.

  1. ACellACell, Inc.: ACell, Inc. offers the next generation of regenerative medicine through the development and commercialization of unique extracellular matrix (“ECM”) devices to repair and remodel damaged tissues and organs in a broad range of surgical procedures.
  2. AxoGenAxogen: This company has created and licensed a unique combination of patented technologies and has a rich pipeline of new products to change the standard of care for patients with peripheral nerve injuries. AxoGen is a registered tissue bank with the FDA.
  3. BioBehavioral DiagnosticsBioBehavioral Diagnostics: This company is dedicated to providing physicians, parents and patients with high-value information to guide personalized strategies and to enhance quality of life for patients with ADHD. Their flagship tool is the Quotientâ„¢ ADHD System.
  4. BodyVizBodyViz: BodyViz is affordable, easy to use, innovative software that’s bringing 3D medical visualization to the forefront of technology. This company creates 3D MRI or CT scan visualizations, all quickly and easily created from a patient’s MRI or CT scan data. Visual Medical Solutions, LLC — another startup — produces BodyViz.
  5. CardioInsightCardioInsight: CardioInsight is developing the first non-invasive, real-time, beat-to-beat simultaneous mapping and localization solution for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia and heart failure. This company just completed a successful second round of funding.
  6. CardioMag ImagingCardioMag Imaging, Inc.: This company produces non-invasive devices to identify patients with coronary artery disease and other life threatening cardiovascular conditions.
  7. Core EssenceCore Essence Orthopaedics Inc.: Core Essence Orthopaedics, Inc. is a privately held orthopedic device company focused on intuitive, enabling solutions for minimally invasive soft tissue and arthroscopic musculoskeletal repair.
  8. DiopsysDiopsys: Although the development of one of this company’s products began in 1983, it wasn’t until 2004 that their pediatric VEP Vision Testing System was made available. Dipsys has introduced more products within the past few years, including their NOVA product series in 2007.
  9. DTIDiscovery Technology International: The company has evolved to become a leading provider of precision piezoelectric motion control and flow control devices. DTI specializes in two divisions, Piezomotor and Biomedical technologies.
  10. EndoSenseEndoSense: Endosense is a medical technology company focused on improving the efficacy, safety and reproducibility of catheter ablation for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Their flagship product may be used to treat a range of cardiac rhythm disorders.
  11. EndosphereEndosphere: EndoSphere is developing a platform of endoscopically implantable devices for the treatment of metabolic diseases, including obesity and type 2 diabetes. The shape of the devices enables easy self-anchoring without attachment to the intestine.
  12. EyeMarker SystemsEyeMarker Systems: EyeMarker Systems is an emerging company committed to the commercialization of innovative ocular screening technology. The Ocular Scanning Instrument (OSI) is a unique combination of methodology and apparatus designed to identify, analyze, and quantify specific ocular attributes (biomarkers) and subsequently extrapolate these findings to characterize the health status of the individuals.
  13. HemosonicsHemoSonics: HemoSonics is developing novel diagnostic instruments to rapidly quantify blood clotting and bleeding disorders. Unregulated blood clotting and bleeding (ie, unregulated hemostatic functions) represent the leading cause of mortality in the developed world.
  14. InfoScitexInfoscitex Corporation: Founded in 2000, Infoscitex set out to create a dynamic corporation committed to excelling in the defense, aerospace, life sciences, energy and environment markets. They include annual reports on their Web site from 2006 forward.
  15. InsetInSet Technologies Incorporated: This is a medical device company providing proprietary implantable pumps that are capable of delivering a wide array of therapeutic drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases and conditions.
  16. InspireMDInspireMD: InspireMD Ltd.is a medical device company focusing on the development and commercialization of its proprietary stent platform technology. InspireMD addresses approximately 50 percent of a $6 billion coronary market.
  17. Lerner Medical DevicesLerner Medical Devices, Inc.: This company is focused on the use of light to treat skin disease. Their mission is to develop, manufacture and market devices that utilize advanced HIFOL (High Intensity Fiber Optic Light) optical technology to provide novel phototherapeutic approaches to skin conditions and disease.
  18. LifeBondLifeBond: Lifebond was first conceived in 2006 in the midst of the Israel-Lebanon war. LifeBond’s founders identified a strong market need for next-generation products in the field of wound closure and hemostasis (stoppage of bleeding). The missions is to build a business plan for a company that would advance medical care by developing a proprietary biomaterial technology into a range of innovative biosurgical products.
  19. MicroTransponderMicroTransponder Inc.: This is a medical device development company with a strong neuroscience research focus. Their core technology is based on a previous technology developed in the DARPA Revolutionizing Prosthetics program by Dr. Larry Cauller at the University of Texas at Dallas. They have adapted this technology to create a wireless neurostimulator for the treatment of chronic pain and other neurological indications.
  20. nContactnContact: This company was founded to develop and investigate medical devices for the minimally invasive treatment of heart arrhythmia. They currently are enrolling patients in a series of clinical trials to evaluate the use of this system for the treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF) in concomitant procedures as well as in convergent procedures.
  21. PeakSurgicalPEAK Surgical: This is a medical device company that is committed to providing physicians with surgical tools that have the precision of a scalpel and the bleeding control of traditional electrosurgery without the extensive collateral damage — a revolutionary benefit that fills a critical market gap.
  22. SensimedSensimed AG: This is an emerging medical device company with its principal focus on the design, development, and commercialization of integrated micro-systems for medical diagnosis and treatment monitoring in the area of ophthalmology.
  23. Sentinel GroupSentinel Group LLC: Sentinel Group is a medical device development company formed to commercialize patents owned by its principals and to assist physician inventors in commercializing their ideas.
  24. TissueGenTissueGen: This is a medical device company whose patented technology enables creation of biodegradable polymer devices with unique drug delivery capabilities. TissueGen is focusing initial product development efforts on vascular stents — an application with a large dynamic market and for which our technology is ideally suited.
  25. VioptixViOptix: The mission for this company is to develop products based on Tissue Oximetry that will provide superior clinical solutions to our customers and their patients.

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