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Are you worried about how you will pay for a Masters in Healthcare Administration education? If you plan to study for a top-paying career, you can look for funds to help pay for that education. You can find student loans, research assistantships, awards, grants and scholarships. Scholarships are one of the best solutions, as you do not need to repay any funds you receive from scholarships.

But, scholarships also have requirements. You either need to maintain great grades, be in dire financial need or win a contest of sorts by writing an essay or by competing against other hopeful students. Also, scholarships usually require that you take a certain number of classes within a given time frame and/or maintain a high grade point average (GPA). Still, those requirements are nothing next to a part-time job that would take away from your studies. You can apply for as many scholarships as you want, and hopefully you’ll walk away with some funds for tuition in the process.

Scholarships for the MHA program usually are found through your college’s financial aid department. While many college scholarships focus on juniors and seniors, they may also have freshmen scholarships available in your field or for high grades or need. These scholarships usually are awarded annually.

Another place to learn about scholarships for MHA programs is through healthcare organizations. At times, these organizations may offer scholarships in exchange for work after graduation. For instance, Samaritan Health Services in Oregon offers the Larry Mullins Endowed Scholarships for Health Care Administration. The scholarship awards $1,000 to students at any level of study. Applicants must be enrolled in a program at one of three institutions: Oregon State University, Northern Arizona University, or Linn-Benton Community College.

In other cases, scholarships are offered to members of a healthcare organization. For instance, AUPHA offers several scholarships to members, and the criteria for each one is different. Also, the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) provides its student members with scholarships at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level. Preference is given to minority students, a traditionally underrepresented population in the healthcare administration field.

Another example of a professional organization that offers scholarship opportunities is the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Through their Foundation of Research and Education (FORE) they offer merit scholarships to outstanding undergraduate students pursuing degrees in health information administration and health information technology. To qualify, students must have at least one full semester (six or more hours) of classes remaining in their course of study at the time the award is granted.

Finally, you do not need to focus on healthcare or on business administration for scholarships. Scholarships come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to do a little research to find money that is available to fit your needs and your lifestyle. You can find scholarships offered by religious organizations, military or police groups, historical societies and more. Don’t be afraid to go after these scholarships – if you don’t apply, someone else may receive the funds you deserve.

Online MHA Degrees and Other Health Programs

Walden University
Online MHA
Master of Public Health
Walden University — Walden offers an online MHA degree program that is sure to prepare students for a fruitful career as a health administrator. Jobs in a wide variety of healthcare settings will become available to graduates of this program, including insurance, offices, hospitals, supplies, policy, and more. Walden also offers a similar Master of Public Health program.
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Kaplan University
MS in Healthcare Mgmt
MBA in Healthcare Mgmt
Kaplan University — For anyone in the healthcare industry seeking an MS, Kaplan University offers an online Master of Science in healthcare management. This degree is perfectly suited for individuals pursuing upper-level management positions in hospitals, outpatient centers, doctors' offices, and more. Related degrees offered by Kaplan include an MBA in healthcare management.
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George Washington University
MBA in Healthcare
George Washington University — George Washington University, one of the nation’s largest educators, has online courses in addition to their onsite program for those who are interested in receiving a Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare. This degree is for students who want to pursue a high level or leadership position with in the healthcare field. Students will obtain necessary skills and knowledge like task prioritization, time management, and project planning.
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St. Joseph's University
MS in Health Admin
MS in Health Informatics
MS in Health Ethics
St. Joseph's University — St. Joseph's University confers an MS in healthcare administration that also is offered in two specializations: the ethics specialization provides a background in moral philosophy and covers subjects such as euthanasia, abortion, and artificially prolonging life; the informatics specialization focuses on health information technologies and record keeping.
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Southern New Hampshire University
MSM in Health Admin
Southern New Hampshire University — Southern New Hampshire University’s master's degree in Healthcare Administration is a 39 credit hour program that includes a 4 credit Capstone Research Project. The school is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The curriculum is offered entirely online, and applicants must have an accredited bachelor's degree.
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Benedictine University
MBA in Health Admin
Accelerated MBA
Benedictine University — The MBA in Health Administration program at Benedictine University is a highly regarded educational track for students interested in healthcare management. The 96 unit credit curriculum features courses in Organizational Behavior, Business Statistics, and Health Behavior. The program offers an accelerated track for dedicated students.
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University of Southern California
MBA in Healthcare Mgmt
University of Southern California — USC’s MBA in healthcare management degree program prepares individuals for upper management positions within a variety of healthcare settings, including (but not limited to) private care facilities, hospices, hospitals, nursing clinics, insurance companies, and more. The degree is also available in a part-time option.
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Grand Canyon University
MS in Health Admin
Grand Canyon University — The MS in health administration online degree program from Grand Canyon delivers courses in ethics, finance, health administration, and management, helping to prepare students to become leaders in the healthcare profession upon graduation. Typical employers of graduates of this program include hospitals, healthcare clinics, and insurance organizations.
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Liberty University
MPH in Health Promotion
MPH in Global Health
MPH in Nutrition
Liberty University — The public health master's degree programs from Liberty University are designed for mid-career professionals looking for increased responsibility within their healthcare careers. Liberty offers three specializations: health promotion, global health, and nutrition.
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Northcentral University
MBA in Healthcare Admin
DBA in Healthcare Admin
Northcentral University — Northcentral Unoversity's MBA in healthcare administration degree program focuses on the subjects of telemedicine, emerging technology, strategic management, and more. Because this is a business degree at its core, graduates of this program will be well prepared to enter numerous business fields. NCU also offers a DBA program in health administration.
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