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health insurance

As any health administrator knows, health insurance is central to the American health care system. Health insurance, though, has been a politically charged topic for decades. Efforts to overthrow the current health insurance system in the U.S. have met with failure; even the health care reform legislation passed in 2010 doesn’t end the health insurance system as Americans know it. There are changes to the way health insurance companies do things, but nothing to dramatically alter the way the system functions. And, of course, there is a fight underway to repeal the health care reform bill.

But what is it about health insurance and health care that prompts such strong feelings in Americans? To get an idea of why health insurance is such a hot button topic in the United States, and where the debate over the roll health insurance companies and the government should play in the future of health care is going, it can help to have some historical perspective. Whether or not you work in health administration, the history of health insurance is fascinating. Here are some resources that can help you learn more about health insurance in America:
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